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Singer Chuddy K Tweets ‘I was gay, but not anymore’

The Gaga Crazy singer Tweeted this a few minutes ago. So is it gay as in Homosexual, or gay as inHappy? Mo wa confused mehn! 🙂



Phoenix Record unveil another monster hit single titled ‘’BALANCE FOR ME’’ by the sizzling hot pop sensation- Dipp
The single is set to released on Friday 9th of November 2012 and promises to be one of a kind. The sexy and unstoppable artiste has delivered over time and promises to carry his fans along with  his ever evolving dynamic style and sound.
In life, we all need to get to a state of equilibrium.
We all need that state of equal distribution and harmony in life!!!
Find ur equilibrium, find ur BALANCE……….

Keri Hilson tweets about her love for Flaours song


9ice in a show of shame, fights at a Birthday party

Hmm, wonders shall never end, they say. Or what can best explain this gist that we are getting about this Alapomejirecords boss involving himself in a public fight with a fan at a birthday bash he went to recently?

Not long ago, it was Ruggedman and Goldie that both engaged a fan on twitter on a fight of words, where they both threw their status as celebrities and role models into gutters and gave the fan words of his life, using various industrial languages at their available at their disposals.

According to this gist getting to us from an eyewitness account, and was confidently divulged to us, oh, wait a minute, did I tell you that 9ice was about releasing his new but long awaited album on December 7? Maybe we would take what happened in this gist as one of his pre-album release activities. Or what do you think?

Back to the gist, we were told that 9ice had taken a time out to visit a birthday bash of one Ehis, where he was invited to by one of Ehis’ friends. The party was done on Joseph Street, Opebi, Ikeja, last week.

The excited Ehis, seeing 9ice at his party, hailed the estranged Oko (hubby in Yoruba language) Toni Payne, but this Gongo Aso crooner snubbed him.

This action by 9ice, as we were hinted, angered the celebrant, Ehis, who angrily told 9ice that he was not hailing him to beg money from him, and that he was just a fan who buys his CDs for N1500, he should not be treated anyhow as a true fan of his.

He went further, as said by the eyewitness, Ehis told 9ice that he was not a poor guy, and that he could buy 9ice a drink if he wanted one. At this point, 9ice was said to have landed heavily on the guy with a hot and sumptuous slap, when he taught that the guy don jabo or over-yan (insulted).

This act we heard did not go down well with Ehis, who retaliated with his, and a fight ensued between the singer and his fan. This, we learnt generated crowd, but the situation was said to have been quickly curtailed when they were both separated.

Hmm, hmm, I wish I could say something, but 9ice, if this gist na true, which I no wan believe is otherwise, abah, hmm, I rest reserve my comment for now. But why celeb dey snub sef? The floor is opened for your comments.

Between Liz Garvy and Dencia


his is kinda like stale news…it happened like two weeks ago, but just in case you missed it…then enjoy…:-)


So Liz Garvy, a well known fashion entrepreneur with a few boutiques in Lagos, got into a nasty girl fight with former friend, upcoming Cameroonian singer and us-based video model, Dencia, at the bathroom of the Eko Hotel, venue of the Headies Award which held last month. The physical altercation which saw Dencia almost stripped naked was the outcome of a friendship gone sour.


Basically what happened was that Dencia went around telling people that Liz stole $20, 000 from her when she visited her house in the US last year. Liz was furious about the allegations and was waiting for a confrontation. They met at the Headies Award and all hell broke loose.


A few days after the fight, Liz Garvy released her version of what happened between them. Read it after the cut…

She had been advertising surgeries and her being an agent for some surgeons. So I told her that I might be interested. A week later, I was in L.A (Los Angeles), I lodged in a hotel and she picked me up 2days later. She said she was moving into a new place, so we went together to pick the keys from her landlord. She asked if I could stay at hers, of which she had to collect a loan from me to buy some things for the house. Next day, her flat mates moved in. She had introduced me to a website, telling me how it would be nice to order sunglasses from the site; I did just that, since the owner of the site was supposedly her friend. I found out after a week of staying with her, that everything she had said to me on FB and BB were all lies. She had no car, no house, absolutely nothing and no job, I rented the car she drove around and even paid for the bed I slept on and I paid for everything from groceries to clothes she picked while I was shopping for my business.

She talked my eyes off about me being black and fat, till I agreed to follow her to the surgeon at least for consultation. By then my friend Blossom, had come to meet me in Los Angeles because we were due to go to Las Vegas. We all later went to see the surgeon and he quoted $18,000 for liposuction, of course I made it known that I couldn’t afford it. There and then the doctor stated that he could not give a discount because there was an agreement with Reprudencia, that if she introduced 3 clients she would get a body makeover, it dawned on me then that she was trying to make us pay for her surgeries…Things went awry from then on.
She tried every trick in the book to get money from me, including trying to talk me into paying for a fake social security card. She took me to her so called friend, who supposedly had the link, she even stated that he had done hers for her and she would advice I get it, so I would be able to get a credit card and ‘other things’, I noticed at her friends place, that they were quick to accept whatever I proposed to pay, so I excused myself and had a chat with her about the so called deal.
This girl went as far as stealing my credit card to go shopping, without my knowledge. When I realized what was happening, I called my bank and reported.
At a point after 3 weeks, I had discovered she was a scam artist, so I had a confrontation with her. I contacted an Italian friend of mine, who warned me about her, he told me she duped him and a couple of girls from her country-Cameroon…So I had to tell him what was going on, he advised to confront her.
The day I confronted her, she flared up and threatened to call the police to throw me out. It took my friend and her friend some minutes to calm her down.

She claimed the company she ordered the injections from had delivered when we went out and since no one was at home, they took it back. So I asked for a proof that she ordered them, either an online receipt or a credit card statement that shows the transaction. At that point, she realized I had caught on, so she sent an email from her laptop to the so called company, and then replied herself, via her Blackberry. She had totally forgotten that her Blackberry had a signature, so unfortunately at the end of the so called reply sent by the company, there was her name, an indication that it was sent from her BB.
At that point, I was shocked to my bones, it dawned on me that she was a thief and I had been duped. The sunshades, social security card, injections, credit card spending…so I decided to leave, I called a cab, by the time the cab arrived, she had gone out. Her landlord was at her apartment fixing her toilet. I moved to a hotel and waited for a week to see if the injections she claimed to have ordered for my friend would arrive. By then, my friend was upset, she said she would hold me responsible because I was the one that knew Reprudencia and she had sent the money because I said she was my friend.

The little time I spent at Reprudencia’s I saw her tell lies upon lies to her friends. She told them she had bought the house, she claimed the car I rented was bought by her. I couldn’t come to terms with such fake life…she’s was living a champagne life on a palm wine income and making people on Facebook believe the grass was green on her side.
On getting back home and realizing we (Blossom & I) had left, she started accusing me of stealing her shoes and clothes. That sounded absurd to me. First, she is a UK SIZE 4 and Blossom and I are size 12. Secondly, how I was going to sell used clothes in my stores was baffling to me.
Thirdly, the shoes she claimed was stolen were a pair of GianMarco Lorenzi copy that she bought for $130, I sell these shoes but I don’t own one.
She had told me her sister seized her passport because she was traveling too much instead of going to school…She must have told lies too, so I would not know all the so called trips she claimed to have made were not true. Then all of a sudden she sent me a mail 3 months later claiming she couldn’t find her passport and she was sure I must have taken it.
She’s a full Cameroonian citizen with a US student visa, so what on earth would I do with her passport. I don’t speak French and I have a valid US visa so I couldn’t get my head around the accusation.
I have proof of the various scams, mail exchanges between her and I, chats between us, chats between my Italian friend and I dated last year.
She claims to have an arrest warrant for me; I have been going back and forth from the States since late last year and even this year.
Didn’t I go through the airport when I left Los Angeles back to London?
She claims to have a video of theft concerning me, I would like her to produce it or be ready to present it in court.
I own four stores in Lagos; I have no partners, so I wonder how on earth I would be stealing clothes from a tramp like Reprudencia

Faze shaves off dreads

 The singer at an event over the weekend in Lagos. You like his new look?
 Flavour’s album, ‘Uplifted’ will be available in South African music stores this November, Lolhiphop Records has announced.

The hunky Nigerian singer has captured the hearts of music lovers in South Africa with seductive dance moves and banging hits such as Nwa Baby (Ashawo Remix) and Adamma.

Ikechukwu proposes to Sarah Ofili

The rapper proposed to his girlfriend, Sarah Ofili, on Sunday October 23rd in London in the presence of family and friends at a dinner party celebrating her birthday. Big congrats to them…

I Will Never Get Married” – Tuface Idibia

   As we go through life,we all suffer betrayals.Even Jesus was betrayed by one of his disciples Judas Iscariot.I have been betrayed but I won’t want to comment about it.
It’s a path so painful that I don’t even want to go there.Just like betrayals,I have also suffered heartbreak on account of a woman.
Again,it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie.Let me just say that love is a strong force which can conquer anybody, even if you are Tuface. It happened to me long ago.
I have loved and have been loved.When it comes to love,I am as Innocent as my name Innocent Idibia.I have never come across a virgin all my life.The only person I have disvirgined is me.Myself.The fact that I have not come across a virgin does not mean there are no virgins.What I am saying is that I have never jammed a virgin. I don’t know what I will do the day I come across a virgin. Will I marry her?
The truth is marriage is not in my plans.I will never marry.Let me put it that bluntly. I don’t want to marry. I am angry.”

The girl of the moment, Tiwa Savage, likes to perform barefooted on stage…sometimes. Once she gets into the music, the shoes go off. Here’s my girl at last week’s Rhythm Unplugged concert in Abuja…love the outfit!