This is one of those songs you put on steady repeat, ‘Panza aka PDG & Vikzy kay are the futures of good music in south east south south Nigeria so long as am concerned  they do new school things and they are so hip hop’ this dope song is a combination of sick vocals and lyrics to die for. when Panza & Vikzy kay are on a song its certainly a must that u must dance.

Panza aka PDG and the hook god him self Vikzy kay went crazy on this beat produced by promzy of X-records, song titled ‘DRUMMER GIRL’  panza and vikzy kay aint new to the game after the  two successful singles they dropped months ago ”akogun by panza and ‘Alujo by vikzy kay…now they combined to cause ear quake to there fans!! Enjoy!!! Drummer girl” classic joint!! Oya fidi e lulu gon gon fumi!!! Lmao