Welcome to the Invasion Album review. The last we got u was the Superstar Wizkid album review. With the invasion i would say the twins Peter and Paul and even including Jude have done absolutely well. They definitely delivered something i would call a classic or something close to a classic. Lets start with the review.

TRACK 1: Beautiful Onyinye: This is a typical Psquare love song, reminds me so much of No one Like You. From the melody to the guitar solo to the way they infused their igbo. This is what i call Sweet melodic music. Your Father your mother sister brother would love this tune. Definitely another top Wedding jam.
“Mummy lemme see you nwobolo nwobolo ehhh”

TRACK 2: Chop My Money (I Don’t Care) ft May D: Right after Onyinye P-square takes us to the club with this jam. This right here is a straight up party banger. They bring in May D who over delivers he brings in the yoruba flows to complete the jam. I see this rocking at parties for sure its already on my DJ playlist.
“I get plenty dollars in my name, plenty naira in my name”

TRACK 3: Asamkpoto: This is another club banger right here and you have to give these guys credit because with the way they arranged this album this track comes in so nicely. The most catchy thing bout this tune is the chorus, it is too SWEET the igbo too nice.
“You dey make me want to go jogodo, fly away go sokoto, call ur name Asamkpokoto”
Am sorry if you don’t feel this jam u get problem!!!

TRACK 4: Do As I Do ft Tiwa Savage & May D: This track reminds me of some terry G music, so definitely any terry G lover would feel the flow in the track. Tiwa Savage switched up her style and fits in so well definitely gave this song some nice flavour. May D also delivered showing why he is to be a big deal in Square Records. He was even trusted to handle the chorus which he did and delivered tremendously and ofcos he brings in those type of Terry G incantations at the end of the track, SWEET!!!
“Oya make u pun d selense pun d selense pun d selense”

TRACK 5: Forever: Forever which i have alread started blasting at weddings ofcos is a favourite on the album. This was released months ago as an official single on the album. This track is already making waves all over Africa. Very fresh type of track and definitely can even go places with the always high budget chart topping videos. So lets keep our fingers crossed and wait for a lovely video, they never fail in delivering.
“I like it i really really really like ittttt” lol

TRACK 6: Me & My Brother:Now this is soul food music straight to the heart!!. It has that raggae feel which they incooperated and they killed it. Here they sing with this humble tone saying they arent the most blessed people but they are making it happen. We gotta give props to them they don try their 5th album and they are still VERY RELEVANT!!!
I really love the jamo feel in this one definitely a stand out track on the album i even see girls screeming when they perform this tune on stage, it would be madness
“Count ur blessings n name then one by one then u go kno say life na turn by turn”

TRACK 7: Jeje ft Waje: Now this right here is an up tempo beat strictly for the steppers. We’ve always know Psquare for their steps break dancing and all that. This is the track to show us the new moves they’ve got. And ofcos they brought in the electrifying voice of Waje to bless the tune. And lets not forget Waje is also signed to Square Records, she just got the deal recently. Steppers where u at, you got a stepper tune right here!!!
“Make You go low make u make u go low (Comm on) JEJE JEJE !!!!”

TRACK 8: Bunieya Enu: In this song they seize the opportunity to thank God for everything, really lovely tune, everytime i play this tune at parties or functions i always get that who sang this question. Apparently it it was released earlies as a single together with forever but still hasnt made the deserved impact i guess with a video it would definitely do. I guess winners and achievers would relate very well with this record. Bunieya Enu is an igbo word which means Lift him high so obviously they are thanking God and giving him all the praises. Very Good guys lol
“Maka o kacha si madu nile elu, Bunieya enu bunieya enu” which means “He is greater than everybody so lift him high”

TRACK 9: Ole Buruku: Ole Buruku which is another love song funny enough, its got the same concept 2Face Idibia used in ole in his Face to Face album. So basically they are talking about how a girl is like a thief who comes in the middle of the night and steals in this case the thief which is a girl steals their heart. This is a really lovely song and a good concept aswell.
“E bu Onye oshi” which means you are a thief same as Ole Buruku

TRACK 10: Player: This is an up tempo infused with swag track. They do alot of bragging on this one talking how they can make a babe trip so babes should not be around them claiming they wanna be better guys. This is one of my favourite tracks on the album it is just so different and fresh. Look out for this track it might not grow on you the first time but give it time for sure it would creep in slowly
“Cos am a muder ***** Player am a murder ***** player”

TRACK 11: She’s Hot ft Naeto C: This was an unexpected feature, had no idea Naeto C would be on this album. This for sure ended up as a top track and can be peoples favourite off the album. Very clean and enjoyable track. Ofcos still about the ladies and Naeto C who is about the ladies expresses his emotion on the track aswell. If shes hot na to carry am go ooohhhh. This right here got that modern day RnB feel and ofcos bringing in a rapper towards the end of the track which naeto nailed with his line.
“I treat her like a star not satzenbrau… She need to be here so i can upgrade her from P to P-Square”

TRACK 12: Fire: This here is another up tempo song where they talk about shuttin down the club and how the club is going on fire. The even bring in the famous “Head shoulder knees n toes”. To me this track is a weak one on the album but i see other people loving it steal. This is one track i wont histate to skip on the album. Track still got a sick production gotta give props to that for sure.
“The roof the roof the roof the roof is on fire”

TRACK 13: Anything: Anything was a shocker. Imagine P-Square on a techno beat yes thats how what i mean. The had the techno synth going and infused it with a bit of African drums and truthfully it came out really nice. Was really impressed. like i gave them props for their track arrangement they put this at the bottom so just incase u not digging the idea u not too disgusted but if you are a music lover you would definitely dig this one
“Anything you do me i go do am to you”

TRACK 14: Shake It Down Low ft Muna & Eva: Shake it down low which is the last track didnt really do it for me easily not my type of track but funny its been growing on me slowly. Muna and Eva definitely did their thing and def gotta be propped for that. The beat is INSANE tho got this mad Hip hop feel so impressed. Track is definitely good for them Jerking and things i see them school guys moving to this for sure. Mad base in this one dayummm.
“All my ladies shake it down low n freeze”

OVERALL, this is a very good album which scores a very big 8.5/10 … A must buy. go out n check stores nationwide definitely worth every penny.