Nafdac ambassador, 2face Idibia, recently unveiled Man Unkind – a Theme song  for the Fake And Sub-standard Products Awareness Campaign (FASPAC).  Enjoy the Music video courtesy of Hpertek/Now Muzik, in partnership with Promotie Entertainment, with the support of NAFDAC

Man Unkind shares a story of a guy who takes ill with typhoid fever, embarks on self medication and gets punked by the substandard drug sellers. He eventually dies cos of the fake meds he bought. It also shares a story about a guy who throws a party and over 300 people ended up hospitalized – victims of substandard products. Then 2face idibia laments about how unfair we are to one another.

i think the lesson here is: self medication is dangerous. The reason a man would choose self medication over seeking professional help is another issue entirely. sometimes we can’t afford professional help but in trying to cut down cost..pls..pls..make sure every d-I-Y step you take is approved.

yeah we all want love, peace and unity to exist. At least, that way you can trust that if you are ill and need help, you would find a trusting/helping hand to help ease your pain..but hey..Shine your eyes.. everyone’s struggling to survive and no one really cares how fresh the oxygen you breathe is. Man Unkind is an eye opener, great video from 2face idibia

if it aint endorsed/approved do not use. thank god for nafdac and nafdac number. it won’t hurt to check if a product’s been approved before use.

“Think about am” – say 2face idibia as the song fades to black.

Enjoy the Video!